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Life of a Forest

Life of a Forest is an 8-minute video originally produced for the Wild Alberta Gallery at the Royal Alberta Museum. This video begins at the end: when a forest has burned to the ground. What happens next? How does a new forest emerge and life begin again?   The Image Works skillfully balances entertainment and science in this narrative production, which incorporates both original HD footage and stock footage by scientists studying the life cycle of a forest. 

This was a very complex production due to the demanding scientific accuracy (in both script and image) called for by our curatorial team, tight timelines imposed by nature as the seasons changed, external funding body approvals and most importantly the need to communicate in a creative way to hold our visitor’s attention for the duration of the production.  I remain very happy with both their end products and the positive working relationship with the company…

Tom Thurston

Director, Capital Development Culture and Community Spirit, Royal Alberta Museum

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