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Spirits of the Bodo Sands

“Spirits of the Bodo Sands” – was one of three videos promoting the Bodo Archaeological Site.  Bodo is a remote area in east-central Alberta that is the site of a large area of archaeological significance and would like to promote this fact and supplement the visitor experience to their interpretive centre.  The physical properties of the area are sparse so we felt it important to create an intrigue as to how life was before the Europeans arrived. By using blended movement, effective music and voice we created an appealing context for this bleak land.

WOW!  That's all Kim Larson and I have to say after viewing. Those of us who have seen the final cut are very impressed, including family members!  BAS will show the DVD at our upcoming January meeting.

Leila Grobel

President, Bodo Archaeological Society

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